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Full details of the 15 March free Crabshell concert are given below. We are delighted to welcome Ashleigh Sladen, and Andrew and Emily ("Gollywhoppers") make a welcome return to Kingsbridge. Silvington will use the evening to officially launch their latest album in the south west. (For more details scroll to the bottom of the page)

Full details below.

Silvington's latest CD
Come and celebrate as Silvington introduce "Down the Line", their follow-up to "Where the Acorn Falls". It has a good mixture of traditional songs, self-penned songs and covers. Songs of romance and songs of the working life - miners, steelworkers, nailmakers and inventors all feature. "Down the Line continues to showcase Silvington's complementary guitar styles and their trademark vocal harmonies. As they're already working on the next album, you might just get a sneak preview of that as well! There will opportunities to purchase this latest offering from Crabshell Records on the night.

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