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Accompaniment on a 1899 foot-pedalled Bilhorn "Missionary" portable organ tuned to concert pitch by Nigel Sture. (CLICK on image to play)
Until we resume some normality and until musicians and singers can get together and do what they enjoy, Shamstrad will go into semi hibernation. In the meantime you might like to sing along to this "awful virus" song that Paul put together in April 2020. Sung in memory of our dear friend John McLoughlin who passed away at the start of the pandemic.
February's Free Concert 27 February 2020
There is no doubt that worries about covid-19 meant that the concert was not packed but we had a great evening and the entertainment was brilliant. Click on the thumbnails below to hear a short clip from each of the performers
January's free concert
A capacity audience was royally entertained at January’s Crabshell concert. Talented local musicians put on stunning performances. It all started with singer/songwriter James Montague. He rose to the challenge of introducing us to his own original, self-penned songs. These are provoking and based on personal experiences. One centred around his observation that “ethical eating is an aspiration but in practice is impossible to accomplish”. Then Jon Hardy with Jerry, Rich and Dan, collectively “Dust Devils”, burst onto the stage. With solid vocals, guitars, mandolin, beat box and great banjo picking, we were treated to a variety of traditional Americana and contemporary covers in a breath-taking non-stop set. After the interval Banned from the Moor, in a departure from their regular Ceilidh work, did us a concert set. It may be fair to say that for most, one violin is normally enough, but in the case of Banned, fiddlers Jayne and Rhona are a treat to listen to. They are lively and the way they complement each other’s playing is magnificent. They were powerfully driven by the backing of Clive, Mel and Steve on bass, guitar and drums. Their set concluded a great evening.
CRABSTOCK 2019. Click on Gill Matthews' wonderful photos to supersize.
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Emily-Paige (Emily-Paige Worthington) Heva Heva (Silvington) Hotel-on-the-Island (single) Silvington Pull Boys Together Old Gaffers

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