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Concert Malborough Church Friday 10 August 2018 7.30pm
Being held to raise funds for Malborough Church. It will feature Silvington, Janet & John and Paul & Adrian.

Click to enlarge poster Silvington Folk on the Rock
Winter concerts at the Crabshell
Four concerts were held (November, January, February and March). Despite unavoidable conflicts with Burns' Night and Globe Sessions they were really well supported by ever appreciative audiences who were a pleasure to perform to. Thanks to all the performers (click
HERE to be reminded of who performed when) and to the Crabshell for the free use of such a great venue.
We were delighted that Silvington introduced "Down the Line", their follow-up to "Where the Acorn Falls" at the Crabshell March concert.. It has a good mixture of traditional songs, self-penned songs and covers. Songs of romance and songs of the working life - miners, steelworkers, nailmakers and inventors all feature. Latest news on Silvington is that they now have a new website. Find out all you ever wanted to know about them at .

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