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By popular request, we have a return visit from Si Barron. We were delighted to welcome Simon last year and enthralled by his intricate guitar playing which was at one with his vocal arrangements. Just sit back and enjoy 50 minutes from a nationally and internationally renowned folk singer who has a history of many albums and radio appearances. Visit
“The Heavily Brothers”, so named not because they’re heavily into food but heavily into folk song will give us some good old choruses. And we welcome Kingston's budding songbird Emily Paige Worthington. Emily is a fine interpreter of a wide ranging repertoire of songs. Her eagerly-awaited debut album "Emily" is due for release later this year.

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At the moment concerts have been booked for 23 January 2020 ("Banned from the Moor", "Dust Devils") 27 February 2020 ("The Orchard Family", "Offshoots") 26 March 2020 "Rhillig", "Silvington"). There will be some additions to these line-ups and details will follow in due course.
CRABSTOCK 2019. Click on Gill Matthews' wonderful photos to supersize.
More details will be posted soon but recent releases have included Old Gaffers "Pull Boys Together" and Silvington's "Heva Heva". Soon to be released Silvington's single "Hotel on the Island" and in the pipeline is Emily's "Emily" debut album. We are looking at ways to make music available in a wider variety of formats such as MP3 and streaming.
CRABSHELL RECORDS has released Paul Reid's first CD CBL201 "The Bonny Broom". It is a collection of songs with stories and good melodies, beautifully sung and accompanied by Paul, who is joined by friends on several tracks. Tastefully presented, this album is reminiscent of the 1970s although many of the songs go back a lot further that that. This is a magnificent addition to any serious folk lover's collection. You can get a copy from Crabshell Records (HERE). Click on image to supersize.
SILVINGTON'S most recent album on the Crabshell Records label "A Song in Every Window" (A history of Plymouth in song) was recently released.To order your copy online click HERE. This is a concept album and has received universal critical acclaim. Click on the image to supersize.

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